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This site is dedicated to the loving memory of Rose, Vincent, Larry, Leo & Dorothy.
May their spirits spring eternal here and in the hearts of all who visit.

Vincent Scott Mariner's Museum Interview
How Mom met Dad by Sis Scott
Vinny's Letter from China (NAVY circa 1946)
Pat's Book on CD-ROM
Joe's Gallery
Connor on "Malcolm in the Middle"
Birthdays and Anniversaries password protected
Gene's Detroit News Article
Quinn Clan (addendum to genealogy book)
Calvary Cemetary genealogy search
News article on Eugene's book of Detroit history
Letter from VPS Sr. to Skip - May 1972
Leo's Speech
Martha's Dream
Vinny's Christmas Story 2001
Archive of Club Messages password protected
Frequently Asked Questions
The 6 of One Half-Dozen of the Other Newsletter
Reunion Album Sample Pages
Address Book (grid format) password protected
Address Book (list format) password protected
Family Dictionary
NAVY letter to Vincent Scott Sr.- Septemer 20, 1954
Letter from Larry - December 26, 1983
Irish Jokes
Family Members' Personal Websites

Photo Links
Martha's Wedding
Chuck's Brother-in-law
Pat's Vintage Photos
Gene's Photos
Photos from the Yahoo Club!
Dee's Photos Thanksgiving 2001 (Mentone)
Thanksgiving 2001 (Mentone)
Cookie's Reunion Photos
Pictures of Larry
Kaley's Irish dancing
FDNY Images
Joe's Paintings
Family Photo Tree
Family Photos

Internet Resources
The Scott Family Email Group (on Yahoo!)
Pat Scott Webmail

Pittsburgh Links
Pittsburgh Live!
Pittsburgh, Rehabitual
The Pittsburgh Library
Lawrenceville History
City of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Duncan Street Map

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