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n. Informal - A smart aleck.
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Thursday Thanksgiving
The Indians had to travel long distances to get to the pilgrim settlement where the first Thanksgiving feast was held. The trappers and fur traders told the welcoming settlers to be sure there was plenty of whiskey and mulled wine on hand because the Indians would be arriving thirsty. But many of the settlers were Puritans who did not understand human nature much less the trade value of whiskey. And so they missed the double meaning intended when the traders said the Indians would be "arriving thirsty". Actually, the Puritans thought the fur traders said "arriving Thursday."
The rest is history.
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Chicago style footnotes with an underlying explanation of the term "Chicago-style"
I have eaten at Uno's & Duo's both famous for their pizza. They served the first deep dish pizza in the world (if not in other places as well.) This pizza came to be called Chicago style pizza. But I see no connection with this pizza to feet or foot or what ever notes feet play, or even notes written by a foot that could be called "Chicago style" foot notes.
However, there is a hot dog named after a famous one served by Portello's in the Chicago land suburbs. I have heard this hot dog called Chicago style. You can now get a Chicago style hot dog in Boston and even here in Indiana. Come to think of it, Portello's serves a foot long hot dog. Perhaps your Fr. Kevin was referring to that. But I never actually heard it referred to as a Chicago style "foot long" let alone a Chicago style foot note. But I could be wrong.
As to a Chicago style end note, that I do know something about. It is a reference to a peculiar jazz style that originated in Chicago. My Eric could explain this better than I but it refers to a certain kind of jazz rift, a way of handling the chops, improvising on the old ivory keys, and lifting saxophone valves, etc. In particular, jazz numbers performed in Chicago night clubs usually end with a characteristic abruptness, i.e. without a caudal finish of some kind. This has been referred to as a Chicago style end-note.
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Toe Food

Yahoo Messenger
Perhaps I can clear up the meaning of Yahoo. Back on the Hill, Checko Cherico and our gang called everyone we didn't like who lived down by the Homey near Butler Street a bunch of yahoo's. I don't remember what the yahoo's below called us but often our name calling soon led to rock battles and, naturally, we had the advantage. I do have a scar above my left eye earned long ago from one of those rock fights.
We didn't realize it at the time but we were making an astute literary reference. Much much later I read Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. How happy I was to learn that Yahoo's were a race of boorish, crass, and stupid people. I run my finger over my scar now remembering my friends on the Hill and our lofty superiority.
Thus, a Yahoo messenger was any boy who came up the hill to tell you that if we didn't stop throwing stones they were going to get their big brothers to come up and "get us" - or words to that effect.
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Digest Mode
The mode that immediately follows catch-your-prey mode which is preceded by chase-your-prey mode.
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Downtown, the Golden Triangle.
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Did you guys. ex.Jinz hear what I just said?
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Next door. ex.Ahr neckstore neighbor is rilly nebby.
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SEE: English - "You all"; a literal contraction of "You ones"
SEE: Redneck - "Y'all"
Alternate Spelling Yens; Yuns; Yinz; Yunz

East Liberty. An East End neighborhood.
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