BY  Rosemary (Sis) Scott Kotchey

       February 28, 2000




Of course, Mom and Dad lived most of their lives in Lawrenceville.  Little bit in Morningside.  Our Mom lived on 54th Street and Dad lived on Holmes Street.  They met on the streets.  They walked the streets with their friends.  Mom would go with her sister, Mary Elizabeth, and they would go up to 56th Street to call on Mary Mullen, and then up to 57th and Butler Streets to call on Mildred Carrigan.  (Is that an Irish name or what?)  Then the four of them would walk the streets of Lawrenceville every evening – just to be together.  Now the guys in the neighborhood did the same thing. They would meet with their friends on Butler Street.  Now these four girls, Rose, Mary Elizabeth, Mary and Mildred, they were all beauties!   And that is what they did … walk around … and be together.  They would sometimes go and get an ice cream or soda at the soda shoppe.  Well Dad was watching all this, you see.  (By the way, Dad is the one that told me this and that.)  Out of the four beauties, he picked our Mom.  He said she was his “girlfriend” --- before he even met her.  And… not only that … he called her “My Rose.”  So that’s about the half of it.


A few months after this, Rose and Vince (Mom and Dad) began to say ‘hello, la la la’ to each other.  Now here’s the part I like the best … Ok, pretty soon, Dad was going to 54th Street to call on “his Rose.”  And they would go out to the local dance hall, or the soda shoppe down there at the Greek’s (we used to go there too), and that’s about what they did.  They were with their friends a lot, and did a lot of walking on Butler Street and walked the hills of Lawrenceville.  Now… here’s really the part I like   It’s about our Mom’s dad.  Mr. Quinn.  Now Mr. Quinn was blind, but he could hear EVERYTHING.  And, you know Dad … he was not quiet.  All seemed to be going well with the courting … but it wasn’t.  Dad liked to go and bang on the Quinn’s piano and sing away, while picking out a tune.  Then, Mr. Quinn, Patrick Quinn, one day decided he had had enough of our Dad and his noise.  One day Mr. Quinn yelled so loud – you could hear him all through their house.  He said:  “Hey you black sheep downstairs, stop that racket.”  Dad told me all about the “black sheep” and I would laugh and laugh and laugh, and ask him to tell me it all over again the next day.   We can end this story pretty soon now.


…. So Rose and Vince continued to see each other, and Mom would not let him go near that piano.  They still had their friends, his and her’s, and eventually they got married and lived happily every after.  Ha Ha Ha.


……. And then --- this is what Aunt Mary told me years later.  I asked Aunt Mary about the part “hey you black sheep.”  She laughed and said “yes indeed.”  “Your Dad was crazy about your mom.  He came to the house every Saturday with flowers or something. A romantic guy.  He was well mannered, well dressed, and always said hello to Mr. Quinn, and Mr. Quinn always grumbled.  One day, your Dad asked your grandpa’s permission to marry your mother.  He grumbled ‘yes’ and grumbled again … and so they were married.”  And that’s the end.