Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FAQ file?
    FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question. A FAQ file is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions. In this case they are questions that people usually have with regard to our website and our email list as well as any of our other internet resources.

What happens if I get my name @pittsburghscotts.com for my email address?
    Actually, it means almost nothing to you, but it does give other people a very easy way of sending you email. For example, suppose your email is john.smith_43258@mail.postoffice.microsoft.com Wouldn't it be easier for someone to send mail for you to an address such as john@pittsburghscotts.com? The mail they send gets delivered to your real email, but it makes a simple name that people sending to you can remember easily. Even if you already have a simple email address, a pittsburghscotts.com address is still easier for other family to use because they would already know that you are at pittsburghscotts.com, and hopefully they also know your first name. Getting an email address of yourname@pittsburghscotts.com is highly recommended. Contact greg@pittsburghscotts.com or vince@pittsburghscotts.com to get this done.
Why does an item on the website still say when I've already seen it?
    New items on the website will display the flashy "new" symbol for three weeks regardless of who visits them or how often they are viewed.
How do I get a printed reunion album or the reunion album on CD?
Some items on the website ask for a password. Why?
    Some items contain personal information that is not intended for the general public. Since our website is basically open to anyone who might stumble across it, we've had to protect certain portions of the website from anonymous browsing. If you need a password, please contact vince@pittsburghscotts.com
Who get's the mail that I send to everyone@pittsburghscotts.com?
    Only family members who are subscribed to the list will receive your email sent to this address.
Who can send email to everyone@pittsburghscotts.com?
    Only people who are subscribed to our mail group can send mail to the group. This cuts out the junk-email (spam) as well as keep our information private. Our email list also performs virus scanning on email sent through the system.
What is "Digest Mode"?
    Normally, when someone sends email to the group, you would receive a copy of what they sent. Digest Mode simply collects all these individual emails over a 24-hour period into one large email and sends you the package at the end of the day. Be advised, when you send mail, if you attach files to your email, people that are in Digest Mode will not receive the attachment. If you are attaching something that is written (such as a Word document), you would be better served to clip the writing out of the word document and paste it into the body of your email. Then you can skip putting an attachment in your email.
Why does everyone get a reply that I only wanted to send to one person?
    All replies to email that you receive from the group go back to the entire group. To send your reply to just one person, erase the address pittsburghscotts@yahoogroups.com in the TO: field and replace it with the person's email address that your reply is intended for. This is an example of the handiness of that person having a firstname@pittsburghscotts.com email address.
What are some of the email rules of etiquette?
    When replying to an email you received in a Digest, it would be good etiquette to modify the Subject line to more accurately reflect what it is your reply is about. Many subject lines say something like "[pittsburghscotts] Digest Number 96" Your reply likely pertains to only one item inside the Digest, so you should modify the subject line to reflect that. Each item inside a Digest contains it's own subject; you just have to dig for it a little.
    Also, for replies to Digest email, you should clip out any items that are in your reply that do not pertain to your reply. By default, the entire digest is copied in your reply, but you can remove whichever parts you want.
How can I tell if the email I received was sent to the group or just to me?
    Email that you receive from the group always has "[pittsburghscotts]" at the front of the subject line. However, there's nothing to stop someone from typing or leaving this title in their subject line of a private email. To be sure, look at the TO: field of the email itself to see who it was sent to.
How often is the website updated?
    There really is no schedule for updates. Things are updated on an "as-warranted" basis. Visit often to look for new stuff.
Why are there advertisements on some of our website pages?
    Our site is being hosted at zero cost. One of the consequences of having a free site is to support advertising. All of the ads on our site are G-rated.
Why don't things fit on my screen?
    It's impossible to build a website that plays well on all computers with a wide variety of configurations. We settled on building our site to play well at a resolution of 800x600 pixels. If your system is set for 800x600 and the site still does not appear good enough to read, it is probably time to get more up-to-date software (which may even require getting a new computer).