This is a letter that Vince's dad, Larry, wrote to him the day after Christmas of the year Vince graduated high school. One of the reasons for putting this letter here on the website is to illustrate the potential of sharing documents in this fashion. It would be one thing to sit here and type in all Larry's words and present them on the screen as though they'd been run through a word processor like the paragraph you are reading now, and it's another thing entirely to display a "picture" of the actual page that the letter was written on as you see below. We also have the potential to secure any information we choose by password protecting any of the web pages we want. Some people have expressed interest in sharing the "6 of one, half-dozen of another" newsletter through this website, while others have been opposed to the idea. What is important to us as the administrators of the website is that this idea should not be shot down due to a misunderstanding of what exactly is being proposed. What you see below is an example of what the "6 and half" newsletter would be like on this website. Also, it shouldn't be very hard to have a "printer friendly" rendition of the page(s) so that any printouts from this website would also look exactly as the original.

Click HERE for this letter in Microsoft Word
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This is Kylie, Larry's granddaughter, beating out a new tune on the piano.