Perusing these celluloid pages you will see hadwritten and typed letters, stories, jokes, lively artwork and even fine poetry. You may say, "What's this all about?"

So, how did this happen? Actually it got started before it began. Some of us who like to see our words in print sent long family letters.
They became keepsakes. After our first reunion in August 1979, the scuttlebutt among the literary ones was: lets have a family newsletter.

And so, December 1986, Martha produced the first one on her computer and then volunteered Sis and Dee to be reporters. Were we not snoopy ones and news wasn't coming except, for an occasional long letter, a story and a few quips.

To give it vitality Martha held a contest to name our newsletter. We chose, "Six of One and Half Dozen of Another". It was a favorite saying of our Dad. He was very proud of his children. Joe designed our logo.

In the spring of 1988, Sis and Martha appealed to my family allegiance to be the editor. They stayed on as reporters. I embellished any news and relentlessly begged.

In the summer of 1990, I took the drastic chain letter approach; few liked it, some choked on it, while others feared purgatory if not obeying. Feeling its cumbersomeness, I asked for ideas and help.

In the fall on 1990, Joe and Huey ingeniously engineered the fold up. It's simplicity and a few guidelines keep it so precious we can hardly wait to get it from each other. Visualize if you will, how our messages hand written and printed bring forth our unique personalities. Notice how its compactness overflow with love, humor and understanding drawing us closer as the years go on.