The Scott Family Newsletter affectionately called "Six of One and Half Dozen ofAnother."

We your Aunts and Uncles, Mothers and Fathers and all the Great Ones give permission to place it on the PittsburghScotts Web with the following provisos:

>That it never be placed there until each of us received the completed copy by U. S. Mail.> That it be read with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and bedtime stories while wearing your Scott badge > That it be regarded with utmost respect and appreciation. > That it never be edited or altered from tear or sweat stains, scratches or dangling participles and any disagreement. > That it not be shared outside the family except by special parental, auntal, or uncled permission. >That there never be any monetary or other rewards for excerpts or full content of our Newsletter. > That we will rescind Our Newsletter if any of these provisions are violated or not lived up to. > That should the previous proviso be undertook we one and all shall decide purgatory time.


Vincent Paul Scott - Vinney
Joseph Scott - Joe
Francis Key-Scott - Skippy
Eugene Scott - HueylGene
Lawrence Scott - Larry
Richard Kenneth -Scott

Rosemary Scott-Kotchey - Sis
Dolores Scott - Dee
Anna Scott- Smith -Anne
Eileen Scott-Odom
Patricia Scott - Patty
Martha Scott-Knowlton

We take responsibility to write with passion, pride or silliness with or without reservations from our hearts about our pain, our triumphs and our shenanigans; in a method of our choice be it Palmer, typewriter, computer, artistically or the privilege to leave it blank by any one of us. We pass our words of wisdom or otherwise on to our children, nephews, nieces and our Great ones with pleasure and with love.

Signatures have been assumed by privilege and authorized by your esteemed Editor in Chief, otherwise know as Your Humble Coordinator-Mailer and Aunt Dee.

And now, for your further pleasure and edification, read below the first page from the Scott Newsletter Album. It was lying on the back table at Our Reunion. You may or may not have had the privilege or time to read. And once again study the caricature drawing done by your Uncle Joe, August 1991, after Your Uncle Larry died, which was also available.

These three documents: The Preamble, The first Page from the Album, and the Caricature drawing shall remain the the links portion of the PittsburghScotts Web ...forever

GOD Bless Us All


Your signatures are felt with deep affection