Message from Aunt Patty

The Irish believe God surely rewards a well-lived life. The extraordinary event of our reunion is our sure reward. How gloriously did shine our family banner. What pleasure to dwell together in harmony. What holy satisfaction we share in the knowledge that differences are meaningless in the face of abundant love. What a miracle that so many of us were able to make it and everyone arrived back home safe and sound.
What a celebration to behold. Everything went off with propriety and … well, anything else that came up, perhaps Uncle Larry covered it. What a joyous reunion indeed and it seemed to go on and on effortlessly as though the little people in green work clothes with Scott logos prepared it all whilst we slept. We may plume ourselves a little with success and some of us may even whisper a tender boast that we have at last tasted immortality and performed our duty to honor our ancestors in the handing down of our traditions. Ah yes, tradition! Alas, it cannot be inherited; it must be “handed down.” Scott Tradition is so unlike church tradition and the reassuring science of archaeology. In the Scott Family Reunion 2001, we have handed down much more than our reunion tradition. The “Handing Down” is of our selves and goes deeper than our existential encounters.
‘Tis a magical thing that has happened and is sure to transform us in the timeless yet temporal awareness of our connection as Family. We now live not only with reunion memories but within the Memory itself. We can draw from it at any time courage and strength every bit as revitalizing as that drawn in Scripture by the Samaritan Woman at the Well in her encounter with Jesus. God bless us all. My love, Always, Aunt Patty.